Common caregiver interview questions (with examples of answers)

February 22, 2019. Being a carer requires the ability to work efficiently with the help of a trained professional medical team member and the ability to work with a high level of detail. Because of the broad array of skills required to succeed in a job, candidates need to respond to a number of behavioral and activity-related questions. Furthermore caregivers need to be able to talk eloquently about their background and be prepared to show credentials to ensure their eligibility. In this article you will read the answers to five commonly asked questions about caregiver interview.

4 types of questions to ask in a caregiver interview

What to expect in a caregiver interview?

Common caregiver interview questions


Care requirements vary from person to person but this list includes some of the most commonly performed caregiver responsibilities and tasks in the care cycle

Benefits and rewards of caregiving


Direct questions about past experiences and what led them to your agency

Behavioral questions

Caregiver interview tips

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Caregiver duties and responsibilities

Describe your work history

What are important skills for a caregiver to have?

How do you respond to difficult clients?

Tell me the qualities that make you a good caregiver

What should I do if my replacement hasn’t arrived?

Reporting and monitoring

Prescription medication management

Medical advocacy

Assisting with meals and nutrition

Keeping them company

Help with personal hygiene and care

Help with mobility

Provide your resume with licenses and credentials

Home management and care planning

Be friendly and neat


Financial accountability

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