Reminiscence Therapy For Seniors Boosts The Spirit
Here are some tips from professionals that will help you support older adults—without overextending yourself
Stop and enjoy the holiday magic, whatever it looks like
Balance exercises for seniors
Tell me the best way to personalize reminiscence therapy during the holidays?
8 reasons more seniors are aging alone
What to avoid doing during the holidays?
Holidays Are Ideal For Reminiscence Therapy
Tips to preserve family history for future generations
The health dangers of senior isolation and loneliness
7 tips to preserve family history, photos & memories
Help for seniors living alone
Bonus tips
Get creative together
Get out the photo albums & home movies
List and mark family heirlooms and treasures
DO: Revive old family traditions
The “double pandemic:” coronavirus and senior isolation health risks
Host a recorded interview
Talk to a Senior Living Advisor
DON’T: Force things
DON’T: Make decisions for them
DON’T: Expect only happy emotions
DO: Guide a “life review”
Digitally scan or store family photos
Create an extensive family tree
Have family photo albums at hand
Bake and cook together
DO: Help them prioritize

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