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What Are Some Health Problems Caused by Hot Weather

Common Medical Conditions Aggravated by Sun and Heat

Oct. 13th, 2018 Cedars-Sinai’s employees for people suffering health problems can cause significant health consequences. Summertime in Southern California means barbecue, pristine beaches and swimming pools. Even a person who has chronic conditions is more cautious than most. Sometimes, common diseases are exacerbated with sun exposure and heat. And not just in the hot summer months when it becomes very sunny and bright, regular activity can cause serious risks.

Hot Environments – Health Effects and First Aid

List some terms used in this document (Glossary of Terms)?

What are the illnesses caused by heat exposure?

How does the body control heat gain and heat loss?

How does heat affect health?

What is heat stress?

Heat is a serious threat to hum and health. The number of people exposed to extreme heat is increasing exponentially due to climate change in all world regions

Does everyone react to heat the same way?
Tell me the cause of chronic heat exposure?
How does heat affect health systems?
What are the effects of heat on the body?
How does the human body react to hot environments?


Multiple sclerosis



Autoimmune conditions


Tell me the symptoms of heat stroke?

What are symptoms and first aid steps for heat exhaustion?

Do you need help?

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Why are some people more vulnerable than others?

Indicators for Monitoring and Measuring Impacts of Heat on Health

Organs Damaged by Heat Exposure

Monitoring and Measuring Impacts of Heat on Health

OSH Answers Fact Sheets

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